Rubio New Neocon Favorite, Approves of Israeli Settlements

by Will Porter

MondoWeiss – “Rubio calls out Clinton over settlements — and his biggest donor funds one

Anyone who calls the West Bank “Judea and Samaria” is, by my wise estimation, a propagandist for Israel or neocon hack—or do I repeat myself?

Rubio does use that ridiculous moniker.

His largest campaign contributor, Norman Braman—expected to give $10-20 million to Rubio— is also a financial contributor to Israeli settlements in the West Bank (he gave over $300,000 to the Ariel settlements).

So, we’re left with two very displeasing options, granting that Rubio is a serious contender in the distant election.

One is Rubio’s Democrat rival, Hillary. She’s absolutely horrible on just about everything, but she’s shown signs she may be critical of Israel and settlements. “Good” positions from potential candidates are not exactly in extreme abundance, but we’ll takes what we can gets.

As far as Rubio, or really any neocon cardboard cut out, the upside is the potential re-charging of the anti-war movement, considering its sails lose all wind when a Democrat is in office. That’s the bad side of a Hillary victory, more war apology from the left.

Neither is a very bright prospect, but these are the schmucks we’ve got to work with.

Oh, and Rand.