Commemorating Terrorism

by Will Porter

Last week, director of the Mises Academy and the newest regular contributor at, Dan Sanchez, shared a great collection of articles on the Nakba, (“the disaster” in Arabic) or the series of events in which Arabs were forced off of their lands en masse shortly before the creation of the state of Israel.

While exploring one of those articles in particular, I came across a fact I hadn’t known: in 2006, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a ceremony that memorialized the bombers of the King David Hotel on July 22, 1946, which killed 92 people! The King David Hotel then housed the administrative and military headquarters for British mandate rule over Palestine, so it proved a valuable target for the Irgun militiamen who carried out the attack.

Irgun’s leader at the time, Menachem Begin, also founded the progenitor of the well-known Likud party, the Hurut, in 1948, and later became Israel’s Prime Minister. Irgun carried out dozens of bombings and killings against primarily Arab and British targets. It was a terrorist organization through-and-through.

Another subsequent Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, lead an Irgun offshoot, known as Lehi, or the “Stern Gang” (named after its first leader, Avraham Stern). Lehi carried out various bombings, and assassinated a British minister in 1944, and a Swedish diplomat in 1948. That Swedish diplomat was Count Folke Bernadotte, who worked as the head of the Swedish Red Cross during World War 2, and who negotiated with nazi Heinrich Himmler to save thousands of Jews from concentration camps. Before his murder, Bernadotte also worked to negotiate a settlement between the to-be Israelis and the Arabs, but both sides ultimately rejected his plan.

These are only a couple of many, many examples of the killings, the terrorism, assassinations, and generally the murderous, brutal treatment afforded any who stand in the way of the Zionist vision of Israel, and it continues today.

Last year, the Israeli government waged one of its bi-yearly sieges on the Gaza Strip which killed over 2,100 people, a large proportion civilians and children. Recently, some of the soldiers who took part in that onslaught have publicly raised their voices to tell about how they were ordered to kill civilians, deliberately.

Outside observers concluded that Israel was possibly guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and/or genocide (under the definitions of international law). The litany of crimes committed in the 2014 Gaza siege are enough to determine just who has the upper hand in the situation, and yet this happens regularly.

For sake of brevity I won’t go further. There are hundreds of other examples of Israeli state-sponsored terror, or the notorious “Dahiya Doctrine,” or Israel’s status as a non-NPT nuclear weapons state, I hope you will follow these links and learn more.

The point is that Israel has a history heavily soaked in blood and terrorism, and that this legacy continues to show today. Israel is certainly not the only cutthroat actor in the region, but that it is one seems beyond dispute.

Israel, contrary to how the media often portrays it, is a degenerate, rogue state. If any other country in the region engaged in even a fraction of the type of behavior that has always been commonplace for Israel, the West would want nothing to do with them (well, ok, maybe Western nations back brutal states all the time, but I think you get my point). The United States should cut off all financial and military aid immediately, for both the American taxpayer, and for Israel’s sake. Subsidizing this path of murder-suicide doesn’t help Israel, nor the Palestinians, nor us. Cut the losses, end it now.