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The Libertarian Vanguard provides (just about) daily commentary on a range of political, economic, historical, and/or philosophical issues, but with a primary focus on world affairs and foreign policy.

The basic format is to take an article—usually recent, but sometimes not—and use it as a reference point for analysis and comment. This may be more abstract and general, or directly related to the content of the article (always linked at the top of each post).

The goal is to inform and entertain readers, as well as to sharpen my own polemical and journalistic abilities.

If you couldn’t tell from the title of the blog, this page is written from a radical libertarian perspective, meaning staunch, unapologetic opposition to all states and the fraudulent wars they thrust upon us, as well as strong support for completely free, unrestricted trade.

NOTE: I often say things you may find rude or inflammatory, or speak in a sardonic, tongue-in-cheek manner. It’s all in good fun, really. Don’t be a baby.

TLV is written and managed by Will Porter. You can find more of Will’s writing at Antiwar.com, NotBeingGoverned.com, LibertarianNation.com, Ry Dawson’s ANC Report, The Indie Register, and TheDropoutsMedia.com. (Coming soon: “A Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case for a Stateless Society,” by Chase Rachels, with a chapter on epistemology, or, more specifically, on the philosophical underpinnings of science, comtributed by yours truly.)

For longer, full-fledged essays, visit Will’s other page, the Market Radical.

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